Those who are part of Gen Z have many unique attributes that could change the workplace in many ways. Though much of the generation is still too young to be involved in the workforce, there are several traits already evident. The older of the era are no longer satisfied with the way things have been, and they are blazing their own trails. Here are ten ways Gen Z is changing the work environment.


  1. Gen Z is morally focused. They are concerned about causes. The welfare of mankind ranks high on the list, along with human rights and equality. Gen Z also strongly cares for the treatment of animals and environmental sustainability. They refuse to work for a company known for the exploitation of people, mistreatment of animals, and polluting the earth. A diverse workplace with equal pay, that recycles and makes eco-friendly endeavors, and ensures the well-being of the animals and the environment it affects lines up well with Gen Z’s morals and fundamental beliefs.


  1. While Gen Z cares greatly about making a difference, they also want to be secure. Financial gain is not necessarily at the top of their priority list, but they do need financial security. Knowing that a job offers stability and opportunity for growth is important to Gen Z.


  1. Having watched their parents toil at jobs that gave little pay, little time off, little reward, and maybe ended up in layoffs, Gen Z is attracted by companies offering a true work-life balance. Gen Z is not willing to put work-life over living life. Long hours with little return for their efforts are not tolerated. A set work schedule allowing evenings free for friends and family, paid vacation time, and acknowledgment for work well done is attractive to this generation.


  1. Gen Z is known as being more independent than its preceding Millennials, but Gen Z is also able to work well in a team environment. They do look for methods to increase their knowledge and need to feel powerful. At the same time, they understand that teamwork is vital to a business’s success.


  1. Technology has been a part of Gen Z’s lives since the day they were born. Smartphones, laptops, and iPads have surrounded them and been integrated into every area of this younger generation’s daily living, including their work lives. Gen Z expects to be able to check text messages, browse through email, and pop a pic on Instagram while at work. But don’t worry, they only take a minute and then they are back on task. And because of this technical knowledge and experience with social media, Gen Z is a part of changing the way marketing is done. They know how to use their social media and global relational skills to effectively reach more people in their marketing.


  1. Armed with so much technology, Gen Z realizes that it is relatively easy to begin their own company, so if they see a better way to do something, they are more inclined to start their own small business and do it themselves. YouTube, Instagram, and almost all social media offers a ton of marketing and freelancing possibilities. Gen Z will not settle in a nine-to-five job if they can do it themselves, on their own timelines, and allowing them to be their own boss.


  1. Being a part of a diverse workforce is essential for Gen Z. They want no part of a company that discriminates against gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. With so many discrimination issues in the recent past and still ongoing, they want to put an end to all discrimination and intolerance. Employers need to be prepared for equal pay for jobs, as well as for hiring a diverse workforce. Gen Z will demand it.


  1. Gen Z puts more value on access than it does on possessions (though they demand quality in the possessions they do own). Gen Z wants access to information, to opportunity for improvement, as well as to all the necessities of life. Not as concerned with what they own, they want the security of having access to the tools that will lead to a better future. Companies need to be able to provide Gen Z employees with opportunities for increased access.


  1. One thing Gen Z will not compromise on is that they expect the workplace to conform to their needs. While they are not willing to sacrifice their own standards and morals for a company, they are willing to work hard for a company that will provide the things they need in order to work efficiently and feel they are making an impact.


  • With social media being such an immense part of Gen Z’s life, image is important to them. Not just the way they look, but they feel that with whom they are associated reflects directly on them. They want to be proud of the company they work for, partly because it is a part of their identity.


Not the same as the generations before them, Gen Z is intent on making the world, including their workplace, better. The workforce needs to be prepared to live up to the standards set by Gen Z.