You can’t turn on the news or scroll through Facebook without someone mentioning the Millennial generation, but that’s an age group with whom marketers are already familiar. For new customer relationships and marketing opportunities, we look to Gen Z.  Let’s consider some trends social marketers should know to better connect with Gen Z.

There are more Gen Z than many people realize. In fact, 40% of US consumers fall into this age group. This is a large market, and more than that, it’s the market of the future. Where will your company be ten or twenty years from now without learning to build connections now with Gen Z?

This is a generation that has always known computers. They aren’t familiar with a time when they couldn’t search the internet for answers. What can we do with this information? What is there to know about how this next generation of consumers will operate?

Gen Z Makes Informed Choices

For a long time, businesses have been able to rely on the impulse purchase. While there will always be room for finding new customers in this way, it may be a less effective tactic with a generation that understands how to find information.  Just one trend social marketers should Know About Gen Z. They value their money, they value their own ability to find answers to every question that pops into their minds, and they’re online enough that they may as well take the time to use it.

These are buyers who will look for reviews. They will post on social media and ask if their friends and family have used a company. They will review your social media accounts to see how your business presents themselves and what your customers are saying in the comments.

The information about your business is out there, and Gen Z is looking for it. What can you do about it?

Run thoughtful social media campaigns. Reply to your customers promptly. Have a system in place to encourage happy customers to leave you reviews on popular websites. Put your business’s best face forward online so Gen Z can find the information they desire.

They Know They Have Options

If your company isn’t responsive on its social media accounts, these are customers who will do business with a company that is responsive. If there is a major flaw with your product that isn’t being properly addressed, these customers aren’t afraid to go elsewhere.

No matter how much they enjoy the products or services of a certain business, this is a generation that has always had access to the many options the internet has available to them. If a company they choose to purchase from betrays their trust, they can find another one that will better align with their values.

Don’t necessarily take this to mean that they don’t have brand loyalty. If their values align with a company, if they are having a good experience, this can be developed. Because this generation connects with brands online, they build relationships with businesses that are different than with previous generations. If they have a business they believe in and feel confident they can recommend to others, they will do so.

Mobile Matters More Than Ever

You may have guessed that mobile will matter a great deal with this generation of consumers.

Is your website responsive? Is it easy to go through the entire purchasing process using mobile? It needs to be.

Gen Z Supports Companies With Values

Since they understand that they have options, they want to align themselves with companies that match their values.

They aren’t looking for a cheap ploy. When a Gen Z buyer is looking for an environmentally responsible purchasing choice, they will look to find a company actively talking about the topic on the internet. They want to see companies talking about how they source their materials and why these materials were the best option. They want to see companies donating money to causes, and information on why that cause was the right choice for a donation.

Gen Z is willing to spend money on brands that truly have values and take actions that align with those values.

It’s More Difficult To Hold Their Attention

This is a generation of multitaskers. They are more likely than any generation before them to be actively using two screens at one time. This may look like browsing social media on their phone while playing a program on their computer.

In these scenarios, they may be listening to an ad playing in their video content while also reading reviews on their phone for the company in the advertisement. This is the best-case scenario because it means you have somewhat captured their attention.

That’s the goal.

You need to create interesting content that compels them to pay attention. Something that piques their interest so they want to know more and will start their research, which is often the beginning of their purchasing journey.

What matters to your customers? Find new ways to create content. As a social marketer, you’ve been told that video content is now more important than ever. This is especially true with Gen Z. When you are thinking about content that will compel your audience to pay attention, think about how you can maximize that with video content that speaks to your target audience. Ideally, video content that is also mobile friendly and aligns with your company’s values. These are the trends social marketers should know about Gen Z.