Employers must make a conscious effort to look at what each generation has to offer when they start the recruiting process. Gen Z is clearly a generation that is different from others that have come along before. Here are the Secrets to Hiring and Managing Gen Z.


Online Application Process

Employers that are serious about attracting people from Gen Z are going to need to look at an online application process. There are people that are not even interested in applying for jobs if they are not able to easily apply through their smartphones. Gen Z is the generation that is glued to their smartphones so employers must make the process of applying for jobs easy for them.

It also helps to have videos that will show something about the company. To simply have descriptions of jobs in written formats is not always going to be enough. Gen Z is looking for a company that is in tune with social media. They want a company that is going to show how technology is ingrained inside of the business structure. Without this it becomes difficult to attract the attention of Gen Z.



Another thing that Gen Z is looking for is the incentive package. This is the generation that is interested in more than money. They want to know about vacation time and be able to work from home as well.

Gen Z is also interested in the environment. They want to be part of a company that is helping the environment in some way. It could be through charitable donations. Whatever the case may be, this is the generation that is more concerned about making the planet better. They want to work for an organization that is doing something that is meaningful.

Gen Z is passionate about what they do. They are serious. They are also sensitive, and they want to be in a place where they can see the change that comes with the type of work that they are doing.


No Smartphone Zone / Smartphone Breaks

Once these employees have made it through the door much needs to be considered to managing them effectively. One thing that must be implemented into the work culture is an environment where there is a “no smartphone” zone during work hours. For many workers from Gen Z the temptation to use their smartphones is far too great.

Therefore, more companies must find ways to balance this situation. It’s fine to have a “no smartphone” zone when work is being done, but there should also be breaks where they can utilize their phones to check social media to communicate with friends. When they have the opportunity to do this it, reduces the possibility that they will waste time on their phones or neglect the work that they need to be doing.


Try Telecommuting

Another thing that is important when it comes to the Gen Z workforce is the telecommuting option. There should be options for workers to do more work from home. As long as they’re meeting the deadlines there should be options to complete assignments without coming into the office every day.

This flexible schedule is going to be much more helpful for attracting workers to certain jobs. Gen Z is going to have more technology to get the work done from home. This means that they are going to be interested in positions that don’t require them to show up at the office every day.


Give Them Multiple Tasks For Their Short Attention Span

One thing that employers know about Gen Z is that they have a very short attention span. This means that they should be given multiple tasks to complete. They are advanced in their learning, so they are prone to finish certain tasks quickly. They work better when they can work on multiple items at once. This is the generation that thrives in multi-tasking. It is highly beneficial to look at ways to engage these employees with a number of challenges so that they will be able to thrive.


Co-working Spaces

It is also a good idea to look at ways to break away from the traditional cubicle or office when you are dealing with Gen Z. Therefore, many employers are getting into co-working spaces where they are renting shared spaces to work with employers from entirely different companies. These are shared workspaces where people from different organizations are working in close vicinity with one another. The reason that makes this work is the constant influx of new faces.

People get the chance to interact with others, and this brings a sense of something new to the work environment. It kills the monotony. Some of these workspaces are in buildings where the scenery outside is magnificent. This is another thing that tends to be attractive to Gen Z. This is a generation that would rather not be confined to a cubicle. They are more interested in unconfined, wide-open workspaces.


Team Applications

When it comes to meetings it works better to have team application platforms. Gen Z employees do not benefit as much from physical meetings. They tend to work much better in an environment where they text and receive information via team applications. They may see a physical meeting where they are discussing a project for one hour as something that is a time-waster.

Gen Z will opt for a team messenger application. They may text one another with ideas that the whole group can see throughout the course of the day. This works better because many group members of a team may not have issues that they want to discuss until the issue happens. If they have a team application, they can instantly present issues to the rest of the group when the issue arises. They do not have to wait for a team meeting to discuss these issues.

What challenges have you experienced or not hiring and managing Gen Z?