Branding & Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing Planning & Brand Positioning

We provide strategic marketing planning and brand positioning consulting for clients across industries. This high-level work leverages the knowledge, understanding, and insights gained from market research to reach, engage and motivate action.

With our specialty in marketing to millennials and Gen Z, we work with clients early in their strategic marketing planning and brand positioning process to incorporate clear direction in connecting with these important consumer, shopper and B2B customer segments.

Strategic marketing planning and brand positioning development – whether or not it is related to marketing to millennials and/or Gen Z specifically – can take many forms in terms of execution. This may include, but certainly not be limited to, facilitated strategy sessions with client teams, internal interviews, and primary and secondary research projects.

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

Brand Consulting

As brand consultants, we help our clients articulate their brand strategy at the highest level based on brand insights directly from their consumers and/or customers. Brand consulting applies insights to developing the highest level of the brand, including:

  • Mission/Purpose
  • Vision/Values
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality
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Targeting & Segmentation

Market segmentation and target marketing depend on extensive research and analysis and are the starting point for efficient, effective marketing planning and prioritization. We help our clients with activities like:

  • Market definition
  • Market segmentation
  • Target market selection
  • Persona development
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Value Prop & Positioning

Value proposition development based on the intersection of brand strategy and target market insights is essential for successful marketing and brand development. As a brand strategy company, we help our clients zero in on:

  • Overarching value proposition messaging
  • Value drivers per target market
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Marketing Strategy

Insights guide and influence every component of going to market, from channel strategy to communications across brand touchpoints. Through market research analysis, we help our clients develop a marketing strategy, including:

  • Strategic Messaging
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy
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