Research and Analysis for Target Market Understanding

Insights from research and analysis are the foundation of target market understanding. Our clients depend on us to deliver the knowledge and clarity to build their consumers into everything they plan and do. From the brand strategy to the value proposition and broader market strategy, insights are the key to unlocking truly on-target planning, tactics, and campaigns.

Beyond the marketing planning process, research and analysis also play a major role in other essential aspects of corporate management, like customer experience and employee engagement. It’s simply a different kind of target market understanding, and the starting point is almost always fundamental market research.

What’s in the Insights from Research and Analysis?

We conduct custom research and analysis to garner impactful customer and consumer target market understanding and shopper insights through a variety of digital and traditional research methodologies. With a method-agnostic approach to insight discovery, we select the optimal method, or even a mix of methods, to best meet each client’s needs related to their specific target market.

Research and analysis is the starting point for true target market understanding. It’s not just how we do the research, but also what we do with the results that deliver meaningful research insights. We help our clients go beyond simple results and feedback for true clarity and understanding.

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

Agency and Consultancy Insights

Agencies and consultancies require insights on multiple levels, both to steer and build their own businesses, and to help their clients steer and build theirs. We collaborate closely with our agency and consulting clients on both fronts in support of their business growth.

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Brand Insights

Brand-specific research and analysis enable organizations to assess their market position relative to the competition, uncover new opportunities, prioritize and plan messages around key audiences, and serve their consumers more of what they want and need.

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Experience Insights

Few purchases are purely transactional these days – customers are engaged much earlier and much longer than ever before, making customer experiences a key factor for marketers. Research and analysis help our clients plan, deliver and assess customer experience.

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Consumer Insights

Research and analysis insights and shopper marketing provide CPG and Consumer Services companies direction on everything from product offerings to branding strategies and communications channels to new market growth.

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