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As Millennials rise through the ranks and Gen Z begins to enter the workforce, the Gig Economy continues to gain momentum. The “war for talent” is no longer fought just against other employers – it is fought against alternative options. Many characteristics of these new consumers contribute to an increasingly challenging landscape for companies that rely on their workforce as assets in this service and experience economy. Recruitment marketing based on insights helps savvy employers woo their target talent.

Why Invest in Insights for Recruitment Marketing

Companies invest in the recruiting process for many reasons. Perhaps they need to find people with specific skills or experience. Maybe they have a lot of folks retiring lately. Why add to a process that already represents a major investment for most organizations? The truth is that you can’t afford to guess at what will matter to the candidates you seek in this new and competitive talent market. Insights can make or break your recruitment marketing initiative.

Our research insights can point you in the right direction, seeking answers to questions like:

  • Where should you look for them?
  • Which benefits matter most?
  • What is your workplace culture, and how does it match with your targets’ preferences?
  • How can you position your company to hire the right talent?

Research Methods to Support Recruitment Marketing

Many of the same research methods we use for consumer marketing also provide valuable insights for recruitment marketing. Many of the challenges are the same, for example, knowing who you’re targeting, and having access to enough potential prospects to gain significant research results. Often, we combine methods like quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews or focus groups to get the most useful insights.

For recruitment marketing, we often start with the current employee base to determine why they joined, why they stay, and what kinds of skills or behaviors drive success within the existing corporate culture. We then compare the results to the skills and behaviors the recruiters are looking for, and identify gaps and opportunities to help streamline or enhance the process for greater success.

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