Recruitment and Retention

Research Insights Support Key HR Initiatives

Branding and marketing can be as essential for internal audiences as for external, and as important for candidates as for customers. Employer recruitment and retention initiatives influence everything from workplace culture to productivity to customer experience.

While executives across the organization play a role in both recruitment and retention, the formal initiatives often fall under the leadership of the human resources professionals. HR leaders frequently take a data-driven approach to finding, managing, engaging, and keeping top talent.

Recruitment and Retention Research

We offer a full range of research, analysis, insights, and strategy to support our clients’ recruitment and retention efforts. In many cases, these efforts revolve around Millennial and Gen Z consumers as the key target audience, whether internally or externally. Our expansive knowledge paired with custom research allows us to deliver valuable insights and on-point strategies.

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Research Insights for Recruitment and Retention


When you’re setting out to compete and win in the war for talent, you can’t afford to guess at what will matter to the candidates you seek. Our research insights can point you in the right direction, seeking answers to questions like:

  • Where should you look for them?
  • Which benefits matter most?
  • What is your workplace culture, and how does it match with your targets’ preferences?
  • How can you position your company to hire the right talent?
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You invest a lot in finding and training the right people. Once you have them, you want to keep them, particularly your high performers and highly skilled workers. Investing in internal insights can preserve the value and engagement of your workforce. We answer questions like:

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • Is your workplace culture contributing to or detracting?
  • How competitive is the market for your top talent?
  • What initiatives might make the biggest impact on employee satisfaction?
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