What We Do

Consumer Clarity is an insight and strategy consultancy. Our services span the scope of market research, marketing strategy, and brand strategy. We serve the Consumer Products and Services marketplace with a focus on consumers and deep expertise on “the Bold New Consumer”, including Millennials and Gen Z. We also serve clients in the B2B space with experience-, brand- and employee-related insights and strategies.

We use custom marketing research to discover, harvest, and share clear insights into our clients’ consumers and customers. Through consumer and shopper focused insights, marketing and branding, we develop clear strategies to reach, engage and motivate our clients’ consumers to action.

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

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Market Research & Insights Creation

Research provides the foundation of information and insights you need to build a strong and thriving brand strategy that serves and resonates with your key consumers. Areas of expertise include:

  • Consumer & Shopper Insights
  • Brand Insights & Awareness
  • Customer Experience Insights
  • Corporate Culture Insights
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Marketing & Branding Strategy

A savvy, consumer-centric marketing and branding strategy drives engagement, builds loyalty, and sets the stage for sustainable growth. Areas of expertise include:

  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Action Planning
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Employee Recruitment
& Retention Strategy Development

Insight-based recruitment and retention strategies can give you the edge to nurture your workforce as a competitive asset and driver of customer experience.

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Client Success Stories & Examples

The work we do with our clients is fundamental to their business and their success. We are proud to have served many great brands and businesses over the years and have collected some of the best examples to give you a sense of the impact our work can have.

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