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Our Founder & CEO, Dennis Devlin, combines his deep expertise in research with his keen ability to crystallize and present meaningful insights for audiences of all sizes, whether in meetings, breakout sessions or keynote presentations.

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2019-2020 Speaking Topics

Devlin speaks nationally to companies, at conferences, and to organizations about effectively marketing and branding to the millennial and Gen Z consumer generations. He is the author of the new book, The Rise of the Bold New ConsumerTM: How Millennials and Gen Z Have Changed Marketing & How Marketers Must Respond, hitting the marketplace in the spring of 2020. The following summarizes his speaking topics for 2019-2020, but all talks can be customized.

The Bold New Consumer: Rising Up

In the dynamic world of marketing, we have witnessed a very real changing of the guard, and marketers are in crisis mode as a result. The consumer has taken control and marketers have no choice but to change their focus in order to reach these consumers and persuade them to act. Learn about the factors that have led to the rise of the Bold New Consumer, and what it means to how we market and brand our businesses more effectively (Millennial or Gen Z-focused versions of this talk are also available).

The Bold New Consumer: Challenging the Brand

For the most part, the youngest generations do not trust brands. They expect them to allow a three-way conversation – brands to consumers, consumers to brands, and consumers to consumers talking about the brands. Their expectations and their loyalty to brands have changed as well. For these and other reasons, brands are being challenged more than ever before. Learn how brands must respond to remain relevant in a world where the Bold New ConsumerTM has led a consumer revolution (Millennial or Gen Z-focused versions of this talk are also available).

The Bold New Consumer: Elevating the Experience

Most of us probably have heard about how much millennials value experiences more so than things, but what factors do you need to consider, assuring that the experiences you are creating for your brand appeal to not only millennial customers but also Gen Z customers? The customer experience has been elevated. Learn the customer experience requirements of millennials and what the newest generation of consumers – Gen Z – demand from their customer experiences (Millennial or Gen Z-focused versions of this talk are also available).

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Dennis Devlin is the CEO of Consumer Clarity, a consumer insights and marketing/branding strategy firm offering insights creation and strategy development through custom marketing research. The 2019-year marks Consumer Clarity’s 10-year anniversary and represents now more than 30 years in the industry for Devlin. The agency delivers clarity – knowledge, understanding, and insights – in three focus areas: the consumer, the brand and the experience. The agency’s deliverables generate more effective marketing and branding strategy that create significant client value.

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