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The Program: New Consumer Marketing Insights

Our Founder & CEO, Dennis Devlin, combines his deep expertise in research with his keen ability to crystallize and present meaningful insights for B2B and B2C company executives.

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Consumer Insight Program Topics

In the dynamic world of marketing, we have witnessed a very real changing of the guard, and marketing is transforming as a result. Millennials now represent the largest segment of consumers; Gen Z will be even larger. They think, feel and react differently to the marketing and advertising of products and services than the generations that preceded them. The Millennial consumer has taken control, Gen Z is not far behind, and many marketers have no choice but to change their focus and marketing efforts in order to reach these consumers and persuade them to buy.

In a flexible, customized format. Dennis Devlin shares Consumer Marketing Insights, providing the latest in Millennial and/or Gen Z marketing research and learning, including:

  • Trends in social media, the web, mobile, and in-store impacting consumer marketing
  • Best practices for effective consumer marketing
  • Examples of effective consumer marketing

While there is a presentation deck to share, the intent is to have the program be conversational (not meant to be a “formal” presentation), and it is all about sharing insights – there is no selling involved.

Presenter Bio

Dennis Devlin is the CEO of Consumer Clarity, a consumer insights and marketing/branding strategy firm offering insights creation and strategy development through custom marketing research. The 2019-year marks Consumer Clarity’s 10-year anniversary and represents now more than 30 years in the industry for Devlin. The agency delivers clarity – knowledge, understanding, and insights – in three focus areas: the consumer, the brand and the experience. The agency’s deliverables generate more effective marketing and branding strategy that create significant client value.

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