Marketing Insights Delivered

On Marketing to Millennial & Gen Z Consumers

Our extensive experience in conducting and analyzing consumer and other research provides a wealth of data.  That means we have an equally valuable wealth of up-to-date marketing insights to share about Millennial and Gen Z Consumers.

Different audiences consume insights in different ways. From pages and posts to web meetings and the podium, we offer various ways to learn and varied levels of depth to meet your needs.

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

Millennial Marketing Insights

Who are Millennials, and Why is Millennial Marketing Essential for Brands? With approximately 80 million people and about $200 billion in purchasing power annually, it has surpassed Baby Boomers in size and spending. Given these staggering numbers, knowing how to market to Millennials and satisfying them as consumers are now table stakes for business success.

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Gen Z Marketing Insights

What comes after Millennial Marketing? Consumers born after the mid-nineties are considered to be “Gen Z”. This group is coming of age and still growing, and will soon surpass even the massive Millennial market. Marketers who begin to understand these savvy consumers now will set themselves up to deliver the engagement and experience necessary as their spending power emerges.

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B2B Marketing Insights

Research, analysis, branding and marketing strategy, recruitment, and retention are not just important to consumer brands. They are equally important for B2B corporate executives, sales, marketers and product managers. They’re also not the only markets and with an increased focus on engagement and experience, corporate marketers depend on marketing insights more than ever.

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The Program

Corporate and agency clients often want to start custom initiatives with a baseline of understanding. Sometimes they want to share insights with their team. We offer an introductory program to share insights on marketing to Millennial and Gen Z consumers. The setting and structure are flexible as we deliver a starting point for clarifying and understanding the emerging consumer landscape.

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The Talks

Consumer Clarity Founder & CEO, Dennis Devlin, combines his deep expertise in research with his keen ability to crystallize and present meaningful insights for audiences of all sizes, whether in meetings, breakout sessions or keynote presentations.

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The Book: Coming Spring 2020

We are hard at work writing The Rise of the Bold New ConsumerTM: How Millennials and Gen Z Have Changed Marketing & How Marketers Must Respond, hitting the marketplace in the Spring of 2020. Watch for updates!

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