How to Market to Millennial Moms

Thanks to Gen Z, it’s safe to say that millennials are no longer the youngest consumer generation. And they are spending more and more time shopping. While this may not come as a surprise to anyone, this might – they are not shopping for the latest brand accessories or clothing styles, they are thinking of buying baby monitors, non-toxic toys and clothing for infants.

Yes, they are becoming parents. In fact, according to a report by BabyCenter, 80% of the new moms today fall in this category. This means that if you want to market to these moms, you must understand what makes them interested in things. The following includes some tips which might help you in marketing to this important market segment.



All moms love variety. The box office results of the smash hit movies like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Black Panther’ was proof that they more than love seeing diversity on the big screen. Most of the moms embrace diversity, be it gender creativity, single parenthood or interracial family life.

One of the reasons why millennial moms believe that brands just don’t understand them is the fact that brands market to them in the same, decades-old ways while they want something different — something they haven’t seen. One of the most prominent features of this group is that they come from diverse parents. Marketers need to understand that it isn’t just the cultural diversity or racial diversity that matters to them.

Marketing to millennial moms should focus on people with different diversities as well, such as single-parent households, multi-ethnic homes, multi-racial homes, moms who earn for their families and stay-at-home dads. Though your product or service may not be for intended for all these segments, even if it is meant for one of these segments, consider your job done since the population is diverse and you must make sure your marketing is as well.


Mix Mobile Marketing with In-Store Marketing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone – including moms – spends a lot of time online. In other words, they are digital extroverts. While their social life may not be as “happening,” when it comes to handling social media accounts, they are experts. In fact, for some millennials, digital life is all they have. They are more comfortable with their online presence than they are in real life. They might have several devices through which they enjoy their presence online. In fact, according to the research by BabyCenter, millennial moms spend 4-5 hours daily on a laptop, smartphone or a computer.

However, they don’t just use it for entertainment. The fact that the online shopping concept is such a big hit among the new generation parents is proof that they prefer doing shopping online. That means that it doesn’t matter how hard you are working on the banners and high-class celebrities in-store, you must work on attracting them online as well. When they see a fantastic ad about your product, they will not be able to stop themselves from visiting the store. Apart from showing them great ads, you could also offer them coupons that could be used in stores only.


Make Efficient Videos

As many as three in four millennial moms are willing to watch YouTube videos. Nearly as many said that they use YouTube when it comes to purchasing a product. It is a known fact about parents, not just millennial parents, that they turn to other people for guidance or advice before buying a product, especially when they have just given birth to a child.

Video, according to digital marketers, is slowly becoming one of the most popular formats of digital marketing. Aside from making impressive advertisements, what marketers should do is create a video that explains where the product comes from, where and how it was manufactured, along with your company’s vision, purpose, and mission. 


Keep it Real

Every mom prefers truthfulness and honesty over every other quality. Once they know that your product will offer convenience, value, and safety, they will become loyal to your brands.

Speaking of brands, if brands want moms to keep their product first on the priority list, then they should introduce loyalty programs and convenience because they are two major factors when it comes to building brand loyalty among these consumers. Most of these millennial moms would like to join a loyalty program to save money and time.



Moms know there is no such thing as perfect. So, when a brand offers a product with words like ‘perfection’ and ‘flawlessness’, they will understand that it sounds too good to be true and hence, they will become skeptical of the product. So instead of spending millions to secure the biggest star of the century, what would attract them more towards your product is when they see ‘real’ people in the advertisements – people with problems, people going through tough times, people struggling. In short, they would like to see themselves in the advertisements. If your brand is promoting authenticity, then it should be evident from the product you are selling. This is especially true if the product you are selling is for parents or their children. When you provide them with educational and informative content, they will value the product.