While much focus in recent years has been spent on catering to millennials, marketers also need to start putting a strong emphasis on targeting Gen Z consumers. In a couple of years, this generation will start to gain more spending power. For this reason, it’s important for marketers to know how Gen Z spends their time. This will allow them to reach this generation of consumers and approach them the right way.

Gen Z Lives on Social Media

Gen Z grew up in the age of social media. It’s estimated that Gen Zers spend around three hours of their day on social media. And while Facebook was big for millennials, Gen Z prefers Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit. They often rely on social media to inform their purchase decisions, so it’s important to have a strong presence on the major social media channels.

Marketers need to make sure that they have a strong presence on the right social media channels. Gen Zers are not on Pinterest or Facebook as much as millennials. They also need to make sure that they are creating intriguing content such as videos and stories to keep this audience engaged. Remember that this group is very tech and social media savvy. They are always looking for content that stands out.

They Are Often on Mobile Devices

What’s just as surprising as the amount of social media usage is how much time Gen Zers spend on mobile devices. It was found that more than half of Gen Z spent six hours a day on their mobile phones. This means that they’re spending a considerable amount of time on social media, online games, YouTube, chatting with friends and using search. As such, there are many channels that allow marketers to promote their websites.

This means that it is incredibly important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Marketers shouldn’t just optimize their websites for the mobile experience, they should perfect it. Media should run seamlessly, things should load quickly, there should be a clean design, and everything should get straight to the point. Because Gen Z grew up with the internet and mobile devices, they tend to have less patience than other demographic groups.

Multi-Channel is Where It’s At

While it seems like Gen Z consumers would prefer to shop strictly online, this isn’t the case. Most like to shop in-person to experience products before buying them. However, very few retailers are doing a good job catering to this consumer group. They are failing to even engage them properly in channels where Gen Z is active. And when they do get this group’s attention, they’re doing a poor job in communicating with them.

Gen Z wants to shop in innovative environments. There should also be some kind of connection between the online world and offline world. This can mean anything from in-store promotion alerts through apps, geofencing triggers, interactive experiences that immerse them in the products, and unique offline events that keep audiences engaged through multiple channels (social, website, blog, email, apps, etc.).

Marketing Strategies that Help You Reach Gen Z

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z uses social media and their social media network to discover brands and products. Influencers, in particular, are very good at connecting with this consumer group. This is often where Gen Z is introduced to new ideas, trends, brands, etc. As a result, influencer marketing should be a priority for marketers that are looking to reach Gen Z.

Another strategy that will be important is video. Gen Z prefers video over other forms of content on social media. Video should be integrated into every advertising, marketing, or content campaign. Marketers will also want to invest more into advertising on YouTube. YouTube is the most visited site for Gen Z. So, the channel will prove to be very effective in reaching them.

It’s also important how you communicate with Gen Z. Everyone is already aware that Gen Z has shorter attention spans. As a result, marketing messages need to get to the point. This consumer group also wants to see the end benefits of a product or service. They don’t want to waste time trying to figure out all the “hows” and “whys” until later. They want to see that it will work for them first.

Other Things to Consider When Marketing to Gen Z

Some other things to consider when marketing to Gen Z include gaming and streaming. Live game streaming sites like Twitch are very popular with this demographic. While the channel seems to be very niched towards gamers, marketers may find that different types of campaigns can work with this channel. It’s something worth experimenting. Streaming, in general, should also be used as a content and marketing strategy.

That’s not all. When delivering content, it should also be served in bite-sized pieces. Don’t expect this generation to consume a drawn-out piece of content all at once. If you do have a longer message, deliver the message over multiple engagements. The shorter attention spans means that your message must be more impactful in a shorter form format. It also means that you will have to figure out a way to both entertain and educate the target audience.

In conclusion, marketers will want to figure out how to market to Gen Z effectively. It’s possible that as Gen Zers age, their behavior may resemble those of millennials to a large degree. But at the moment, there are clearly strategies that work and don’t work with Gen Z. You want to go with what works instead of trying to force this group to behave in the way you want them. With that said, the most important thing here is to understand how the demographic spends their time and how to reach them effectively.