Every generation has something that defines who they are. In this growing age of technology Gen Z has become well-known as the generation that is associated with technology. And much of their time is spent on technology.


Job Searching

Many in the Gen Z crowd spend their time getting involved in the job search early. These are people that have become interested in finding jobs before they finish college. They are not waiting for their college graduation to see what the workforce has to offer. A large portion of them are actually looking for jobs in their freshman years of college. Others may use their skills in technology to start looking for intern positions as soon as they have completed high school.

They realize that technology is important to the workforce, and some of them understand they can enter the workforce without degrees. Many of the Gen Z is engaged in coding and app development at an early age. They are doing those things that some Millennials may not have learned until they were teenagers. In other words, the Gen Z students are far more advanced. This means that they are going to be much more likely to start their job search earlier because they feel that they already have skills for the workforce.


Smartphone Overload

Baby boomers spent more of their time sitting in front of the television in the afternoons. Gen Z, much like the Millennial generation, is spending a large majority of time on their smartphones. It has been reported that this group spends as much as five hours or more on their smartphones per day. It has become the thing that many of them cannot live without. They spend what seems like a countless number of hours communicating with friends and Googling different things.

This generation will have fewer soft skills because they are less in tune with people and more into their mobile devices.


Video Bloggers

There is a huge generation gap between baby boomers and Gen Z. The baby boomer generation was fairly quiet about their life. They wanted to keep their private affairs private. This is not the case with Gen Z at all. They have become the generation that is interested in letting you know every detail about what is happening in their lives. They have so many opportunities to go live through apps and show you what is happening in their world in real time.

They are part of a generation that wants to express themselves to anyone that will pay attention. Therefore, they spend significant time on social media. They are less interested in developing friendships in schools or work environments. They are more intrigued by getting likes from their posts from people that are complete strangers. Many of them become video bloggers that spend much time into seeking the approval of those that follow them.


A (More Than) Small Dose of Reality

The influx of video bloggers from Gen Z has led to a crowd of people that are much more inclined to watch reality television. They are not as impressed with scripted shows as they are with live television shows. There are a number of TV shows that have reality stars that have become as well-known as celebrities because this is what Gen Z supports.



Gen Z spends their time consuming entertainment. When they are consuming this entertainment, they are typically doing it through streaming methods. That tends to be another thing that consumes the time of many Gen Z individuals. They are casting shows from their phones to the televisions when they are at home. When they are away from home, they are watching shows through various apps on their phones. This is another thing that leads to a large amount of phone usage. There has been a significant decline in cable subscriptions. For Gen Z it is all about having access to an app that allows them to binge-watch or watch any show that they would like at their own convenience.


Money and Fame

This is also the generation that is utilizing technology as a platform to acquire money. Phrases like “Instagram famous” are being thrown around because people from Gen Z are developing followers. This allows them to promote themselves. This is how models are bypassing the traditional pathway to modeling and getting acquainted with celebrities. It is also the way that musicians are gaining an audience and making music. They’re looking for an audience on social media so that they can transition to a bigger crowd, but they are not using traditional methods.

There’s also money that can be made on YouTube for those that acquire many subscribers. This tends to be a reason why so many of them are interested in the video blogs. They like the chance to express themselves, and they also want to earn money while they’re doing it.



When it comes to transportation Gen Z individuals are becoming the game-changers. They are the ones that are putting their faith in Uber and Lyft drivers. Many of them are not interested in getting cars themselves because they know that this is an easier way to move around their cities.

When it comes to traveling outside of their own city, they are more inclined to take longer vacations without giving much thought to having money saved in their bank accounts. Unlike generations of the past Gen Z is much more interested in enjoying the money that they have. They are not worried about saving for their retirement years. They are not at all concerned about buying homes or having good credit scores. They are more concerned about the experiences that they are able to have. They are willing to go all out and post it to social media. Gen Z wants to document their experiences, and they are willing to spend their time and money necessary.