A lot of marketers find Gen Z to be extremely mysterious. And that’s because for the past decade, many have been so focused on attracting the Millennials that they’ve completely forgotten that this generation even exists in terms of marketing and advertising. However, they’re now beginning to realize just how lucrative this particular crowd is. They spend a lot of time online and they know exactly how technology works.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that every member of Gen Z is different. Sure, there may be trends in the way they spend their time as well as how they consume their content, but ultimately some may enjoy your content more than others. Let’s explore general guidelines for how you can go about marketing to this generation with these Essential Strategies for Marketing to Gen Z.


Don’t Advertise. Create Content That’s Engaging


It’s important to remember that Gen Z wants to be in control when it comes to how they spend their money. This means that they’d rather not be advertised to in the traditional sense. They don’t want you to persuade them to buy. They’d prefer to learn more about what you have to offer and how it will make their lives better. So, in-your-face product placements won’t work with this group. Instead, personalize your messaging and make sure that it speaks to their specific needs and lifestyle.


Capitalize On the Influencer Culture<


Many members of Gen Z take advice from their favorite influencers. Sure, they understand that when an influencer reviews the latest gadget or makeup palette, they’re likely doing it for a fee or have received the item for free. However, they tend to assume that the influencer will give them an honest testimonial.

While traditional advertising will only work to persuade the audience that the product or service is the best choice, advertisements that rely on the influencer helps this audience to explore both the pros and cons. This gives them the ability to make a decision that’s more informed.

Admittedly, influencers aren’t ideal for every type of business or brand. Also, the biggest influencers often come with a hefty price tag. However, when you take the time to consider how many followers these individuals have it may be worth brainstorming and making a few adjustments and compromises here and there in order to get your business noticed.

The key to working with influencers is ensuring that they have a positive experience with you from the first point of contact. From the first time you interact with them through email until the moment you hand over your product, they should be treated with the best of customer service as they’ll likely describe these interactions to their audience. You may also offer a special incentive discount code for the individual’s audience.


Gen Z Involved<


Gen Z isn’t a passive group. Not only are they interested in purchasing a product or service, they actually want to be involved. Specifically, they want to be a part of the bigger picture.

Companies can capitalize on this by encouraging those in Gen Z to offer their input. The benefit of doing this is that it gives them the recognition that they’re searching for while simultaneously giving your social media campaigns a huge boost.

Encourage your audience to share their images along with a certain hashtag. Offer a prize to the one who posts the most captivating image. If you’re interested in supporting a specific cause, ask your audience to share stories related to the cause. This is a great way to spread brand awareness.


Avoid Being Too Wordy


If you want to hold on to Gen Z’s attention, then you must focus on being as succinct as possible. This group doesn’t want to read through a bunch of content to find the true meaning. They want facts and they want them as quickly as possible. The best type of content for this particular audience is short video, stats, and data. If you choose to maintain a blog, your content should rely mostly on charts and visuals.


Utilize New Technology


If you’ve never used virtual reality, voice search, or augmented reality in your marketing campaign, now is the perfect time to do so. Initially, it does seem to be quite intimidating. However, if you want to get ahead of the competition then you can use these technologies as cutting-edge marketing tools.

Just keep in mind that these types of campaigns must be executed with precision. Gen Z tends to expect everything to work on the first try, so there’s no room for mistakes or malfunctions. This means, if you have an app, it should work on every single device. Both Android and iOS users must have access to it.


Address Them As Individuals


Gen Z is an extremely social group. They enjoy being in touch with what’s going on and don’t mind taking up a joint cause. However, they wish to be treated as individuals. This is especially the case when it comes to e-commerce businesses. This means that you need to tailor every interaction to suit their personal preferences. This requires the use of heavy data analytics.


Be Transparent


When marketing to Gen Z, it’s essential that you work to ensure that your communication is authentic and that you’re always transparent. And that’s because Gen Z always does its homework. They realize that most of the content they see on social media is sponsored so they must do their research before engaging a brand.

Unlike other generations, they don’t really trust big corporations and rely more heavily on customer reviews as well as the recommendation of friends and family. So. the more open you can be with your audience, the more trust you’ll inspire.




If you ask any marketing professional to create a campaign one of the first things they’ll ask is, “Who’s my audience?” The best marketers know how important it is to understand the people that they’re interested in reaching. While most people have focused on Millennials for the past few years, they’re now starting to shift their attention to marketing to Gen Z. The key to reaching this group is to appeal to their desire to choose for themselves. Implement these Essential Strategies for Marketing to Gen Z.