As a business owner, collaboration between different generations is important. In fact, different generations can learn from one another, and it’s important that they’re able to collaborate on projects. Not only that, but it will help to ensure that you have a company that’s well-run. However, there can be some challenges in getting people of vastly different ages to collaborate with one another effectively. Luckily, it’s not impossible, and you can ensure that people of different generations get along well.


What Are Some Advantages of Hiring Gen Z?

Most employers feel that the digital skills of Gen Z is an advantage. In fact, 92% of employers believe that Gen Z has digital skills that are a strong advantage in the workforce, which is likely to become an exceptionally strong sentiment as technologies become even more advanced.

Much of the knowledge of electronics that Gen Z has isn’t the result of formal education. Instead, it’s the result of using electronic devices every day, which means that Gen Z has a highly intuitive understanding of how to use high-tech devices. This can come in handy in many different fields.

Furthermore, many members of Gen Z have insights regarding what would appeal to younger customers. This information can make it easier for you to promote your business to young people.


What Are Some Advantages of Older Employees?

Older employees often have significant experience in their field. While not all of this experience will be relevant to your company currently, there are likely to be many ways in which the past experiences of older workers will be relevant to your company today. In addition, older employees may have more experience when it comes to dealing with certain types of unexpected situations when compared with other employees.


How Can You Get Gen Z and Boomers to Cooperate in the Workplace?

Getting Gen Z and Boomers to collaborate may be easier than you think. That’s because both generations can learn something from each other. Boomers can often learn much about how to effectively use technology from Gen Z, and Gen Z can often learn some things from the life experiences of Boomers.

In order to succeed in many occupations today, it’s essential to not only be familiar with the latest technology but be proficient in using it. While this can be challenging for Boomers, the fact that Gen Z has grown up using a wide range of electronic devices gives them an innate sense of how to use new software programs.

Furthermore, many members of Gen Z could add useful insights for IT departments, which could be a tremendous resource to many companies. In addition, commonly utilized programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel are often not as easy to use as they seem, which can be an obstacle for many older employees.

However, many members of Gen Z have had extensive experience with these programs, which can allow you to get around these obstacles much more easily. This can allow you to have better business meetings and make more effective presentations. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages associated with being so focused on electronic devices.

As a result, many members of Gen Z could learn something from Boomers when it comes to communication skills. One important part of interpersonal communication is body language, which can be challenging to understand if you’re distracted by electronic devices. Luckily, members of Gen Z can become more proficient in these skills by learning from Boomers.


It’s Important to Avoid Age-based Stereotypes

Age-based stereotypes can prevent you from seeing the unique talents of each individual employee. Also, age-based stereotypes can prevent people in certain age groups from even attempting to learn skills where they have the potential to attain extreme proficiency. It’s important to view everyone as a unique individual both during the hiring process and on the job, which will allow you to benefit fully from the knowledge that employees of all ages can offer to your company.


Make Sure You Have A Diverse Range of Ages at Your Company

Having a diverse range of ages at your company can help to ensure that employees are able to learn something from one another, which can help to encourage the growth of your business. Luckily, many companies now have an age range of employees that varies by as much as 75 years!

This can allow you to be sure that you have the knowledge of a wide range of generations, which will make sure that you have a well-trained workforce. Boomers can be ideal for positions that pertain to many aspects of your company’s onboarding, which is due to their experience in the workforce.


Encourage A Lifelong Love of Learning

Having a lifelong love of learning can make you a better employee, and it’s important to encourage this among your employees as much as possible. There are different ways that business owners can do this, such as having seminars, encouraging the exchange of knowledge between employees, and creating incentives for your employees to continue their education.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that information in seminars and other meetings run by your company is as thorough as possible. That can be highly beneficial when it comes to encouraging your employees to have a love of learning throughout their lives.