We deliver greater clarity through research, insights, and strategies for B2C, B2B and agencies with clients in a variety of industries.

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Our work is grounded in market research and known for extensive expertise revealing consumer insights in two key target markets: Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Quickly outgrowing and outpacing all prior generations, Millennial and Gen Z consumers represent the greatest opportunity for consumer-focused businesses. They can also present some of the greatest challenges because marketing to these consumers requires a different approach.

Through custom market research, relevant consumer insights, and informed marketing practices, we work closely with our clients to overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of these massive new consumer groups. Our market insights allow our clients to develop and hone brand marketing strategies, understand and connect with consumers, recruit and retain talent, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

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Key Services Offered

We mix and match foundational market research and brand strategy services according to each client’s needs and areas of focus. Primary service categories include Consumer Research & Insights, Branding & Marketing Strategy, and Employee Engagement.

  • Market Research & Consumer Insights – foundational research services to uncover insights.

  • Branding & Marketing Strategy – research analysis, brand development and target marketing strategy development.

  • Recruitment & Retention – employee engagement surveys, workforce retention, and recruitment marketing strategy.

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The Program - Corporate Marketing Insights on the Bold New Consumer


Want to hear about Millennial and/or Gen Z consumers? We’ll deliver the insights to get you started on the path to understanding the bold new consumer.


“I brought Dennis Devlin (and Consumer Clarity) into two branding initiatives because of his research expertise in millennials. At every step, he brought intelligence, strategic insight, experience and professionalism to the research and the branding process. My team could not have created such strategic work without his deep consumer insights. I highly recommend him!”

Jackie Roberto, Founding Partner & Creative Director, Madison Design

“Dennis Devlin (and his firm, Consumer Clarity) is strategic, knowledgeable, creative, thorough and is responsive to meeting deadlines. I have worked with Dennis on several initiatives and he has exceeded my expectations.”

Bryan Holland, Executive Vice President, Holland Advertising Interactive

“Dennis (and Consumer Clarity) is such an asset to Cincinnati’s business community, giving his time and expertise simply because he’s passionate about his work and wants to contribute something positive to the world.”

Lisa Jonas, Operations and Program Director, Goering Center

“Dennis Devlin is a real pro who listens to his clients. He takes extra time to make sure he completely understands the study and then directs to the best methods for finding needed information.”

Michelle Sjogren, AssociateVP Strategic Communications' , Gateway Community College & Technical School

“Dennis is that rare professional who not only does an excellent job for his clients, and at a more than reasonable cost, he puts his heart and passion into helping his client’s achieve their goals. We depend on Dennis’ expertise, insight, and creativity to handle our market research needs. He has been more help to us then he may realize. It is an absolute pleasure to know him and to do business with. I highly recommend Dennis Devlin and Consumer Clarity.”

Kerry Austin-Dunkijacobs, CEO, Epiphany Shower USA, a Division of Intelligent Green Products

I have had the opportunity to collaborate and work with Dennis Devlin in conducting market research projects. Dennis brings an excellent level of experience in study design, methodologies and sampling recommendations for research studies. In particular, I like his ability to make research recommendations along the project process based on the overall main objectives of the project and budget limitations that at times can be challenging. In addition, I like Dennis’ positive attitude and flexibility which are a tremendous plus in making working with him and Consumer Clarity a real pleasure.

President, Market Research Agency

Dennis Devlin is amazingly perceptive and has great insight into what really makes a brand tick. And he does a terrific job of taking that knowledge and crafting it into an on-target message that conveys the essence of the brand. We hired Dennis and Consumer Clarity to help our organization refine its brand storytelling. His expertise assisted us in re-energizing our brand, re positioning our marketing efforts and driving sales.

Marketer, Non-Profit Organization

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We are proud of our work generating consumer insights via market research for specific clients and for broader audiences. Because of the strategic nature of what we do, we can’t always reveal all the details, but we are pleased to share sample insights, as well as key concepts and results of representative projects.

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