Consumer Clarity is a consumer marketing consultancy with a specialty in marketing and branding to millennials and Gen Z. The company primarily services its clients through custom marketing research and marketing and branding strategy development.

Our Passion

Why do we do what we do? Our passion is to be effective millennial and Gen Z consumer and shopper storytellers. There are three primary stories we share with our clients:

  • The Consumer Story: This is the story these consumers and shoppers tell about their wants and needs, as well as their perceptions and expectations about our client’s company, and its product and/or service offerings.
  • The Brand Story: This is the story our client tells these consumers and shoppers about its brand and core message, as well as about its offerings and their related benefits.
  • The Experience Story: This is the story these consumers and shoppers tell about their experience with the brand, the product and/or the service.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to develop greater millennial and Gen Z consumer and shopper clarity for our clients! More specifically, our purpose is to educate and inspire our clients to develop greater clarity in consumer and shopper knowledge, understanding, and insight to develop more effective marketing and branding strategy to win in the marketplace with millennials and Gen Z.

Our Vision

The business name, Consumer Clarity, connotes the vision of what the company seeks to provide for its clients as an outcome – the development of greater clarity (in knowledge, understanding, and insights) about millennial and Gen Z consumers and shoppers. We use the term “consumer” to be defined as both prospective and current customers of a given business-to-consumer (B2C) company.

Our Team


Dennis Devlin is the founder and CEO of Consumer Clarity. Dennis has experienced a successful 25 plus year career, holding consumer research insights and marketing and branding strategy agency leadership roles, while consistently translating consumer and shopper insights into effective marketing and branding strategy. He possesses broad and deep strategic research and marketing and branding experience. During his career Dennis has worked with many of the world’s largest marketing organizations and brands.

He is a recognized consumer and shopper thought leader, an in-demand speaker. He regularly speaks to companies and organizations as well as at conferences about marketing and branding effectively to millennials and Gen Z.

Dennis is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he earned two master’s degrees – an MBA and a Master of Science in Marketing.

Dennis spends some of his leisure time volunteering on the board for the American Marketing Association chapter in Cincinnati (AMA Cincinnati) and serving as the Chair of the CMO Roundtable,  His other interests include traveling, national parks, sports, and minimalism, to name a few.


Tara Reed is a Consumer Insights Strategist at Consumer Clarity. She is a recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Market Research.

In her role, she is involved in all aspects of insights generation and strategy development, creating significant value for clients. Her interests include using her creativity and unique perspective within marketing – particularly in data visualization, and also understanding the motives behind consumer decision making.

Tara’s hobbies are myriad and include travel – experiencing new places, cultures and foods; reading; fitness and health; and fashion and beauty.