Consumer Clarity is a consumer and shopper insight and marketing strategy consultancy. Through custom market research Consumer Clarity discovers, harvests and shares clear insights about our client’s consumers and shoppers. Through consumer and shopper focused marketing we develop clear strategies to reach, engage and motivate our client’s consumers and shoppers to action. With analysis and reporting support, Consumer Clarity serves as consumer and shopper storytellers, leading our clients to clear results from their marketing investment.

Consumer & Shopper Research

Consumer Clarity conducts custom primary consumer and shopper research that garners impactful insights through a variety of digital and traditional research methodologies. Consumer Clarity takes a method-agnostic approach to insight discovery, selecting the best method, or even a mix of methods, to best meet our client’s needs. By custom primary research, Consumer Clarity means that we design a research study from scratch, based on the objectives that need to be met, and within the client’s timing and budget constraints. Experience has shown us that we must design and facilitate smarter and faster research in a strategic effort to be both efficient and effective.

Research methodologies primarily include social media research and in-person and online qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Marketing Strategy

Consumer Clarity helps clients develop marketing strategy that leverages the understanding and knowledge gained from consumer and shopper insights to effectively reach, engage and motivate action. With Consumer Clarity’s specialty in marketing to millennials, the firm provides its clients clear direction in connecting with this important marketing segment.

Assistance in marketing strategy development – whether or not it is related to marketing to millennials specifically – can take many forms in terms of execution. This may include, but certainly not be limited to, Consumer Clarity leading or participating in facilitated strategy sessions with client teams.

CPG Research Analysis & Reporting Support

Consumer Clarity assists consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with research analysis and reporting support, including both internal and external research analysis and report development. Data and other relevant information are analyzed and reports prepared based on client needs. The final deliverables are designed to meet if not exceed expectations in terms of quality, and also be completed within the desired timing and budget constraints.

Consumer Clarity provides an opportunity for CPG insights personnel to extend their (and/or their team’s) capabilities during heavy workload periods, freeing up time to address other initiatives. Consumer Clarity also delivers an additional perspective to the analysis and reporting, which may include potential suggestions for consideration – for example, different analyses or ways to highlight research findings in reports.